Tickle His Pickle

Tickle His Pickle

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So many penises - and no instruction manual, until now. Ladies: Here's that fun instruction manual that should come with every guy, a super tour of his kingdom down under!

Come discover all the highly orgasmic touches and seductive techniques his penis craves and you will love giving. Sexy and inspiring, honest and provocative, candid and exciting, Tickle His Pickle revs up passion, rekindles intimacy, and sparks the reddest hottest lustiest sex while revealing all the priceless penis secrets you long to know. Tickle His Pickle is sexy and inspiring... honest and provocative, candid and exciting. Secret touching spots for the Male G-Spot and other pleasure zones. Discover penis genius secrets on every page: over 50 sizzling techniques to master oral lovemaking. Dozens of ways to turn your hands into living sex toys. How to fulfill his biggest erotic fantasies, so he will beg for more. A sex toy tricks that will supercharge his orgasms. More than 100 fun, tasteful, titillating illustrations to guide your discoveries. Secret touching tips for the he spot and other pleasure zones. Plus many more turn ons for both of you!

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