The Protocol Game

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The Protocol Game Card Deck is 52 cards with different protocol for you to pull by yourself, with a D/s partner, or with friends. Use it however you want!

  • Description: It’s a game. Try out one protocol a week for a year — keep ones you like, forget those you don’t. It’s pretty simple!
  • Occasions: Highly recommend it for folks in and out of power dynamics or relationships, for dominants or subs or switches! 
  • Basic Deck (purple)  Includes:
    • 52 protocol cards
    • 5 blank cards to write your own
    • small tin to hold them all in
  • Build Your Own Deck (orange) Includes:
    • 52 protocol cards with fill in the blank protocol
    • 5 blank cards to write your own
    • small tin to hold them all in
  • Protocols are broken down into multiple categories:
    • Sexy for sexy’s sake — just, because
    • Making pragmatic things hot — dishes (but with a butt plug!), paperwork (but tied to a chair!)
    • Self-improvement
  • Speaking of butt plugs, we have a large selection of anal toys for you to add to your collection.
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