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Agreeable Agony

Stainless Steel Rope Hook

Stainless Steel Rope Hook

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A rope hooks (also known as anal hook ) feature a stainless steel ball or egg that is inserted into the anus; or vagina, the closed ring can then be combined with rope to apply pressure from the outside.

  • Description: Stainless Steel hooks for rope play
  • Occasions: Great for intermediate to advanced players 
  • Materials: All are made with 1/2" solid high-polish surgical grade (#420) stainless steel, and are built seamlessly for optimum hygiene and cleanability. The steel gives them a lovely pleasurable weight when worn.
  • Options Available:
    • Small Single Ball (folded loop): The insertable ball is ~1" in diameter. The loop turns sideways to sit flush with the body to make this model more wearable.  
    • Medium Single Ball (turned out loop): The insertable ball is ~1.5" in diameter. Loop is outward away from the body.  
    • Medium Single Ball (folded flat loop): The insertable ball is ~1.5" in diameter. Loop is turned flat against the body. 
    • Medium Beehive Egg (folded loop): The beehive styling of the egg fives a fun textural feeling as well. The insertable egg is ~1.5" in diameter. The loop turns sideways to sit flush with the body.  
    • Large Egg (regular loop): The large egg measures 2" in diameter at widest point, and is tapered for easier insertion. The large ball and solid steel construction give it a lovely heavy weight. The loop is in line with the hook, sticking out behind the body.
    • Front Hook (small loop): This hook can be worn front or back, but it's designed to be worn on the front and apply pressure on the G-Spot. Made of 1" smooth solid steel, this hook has a lovely heavy weight.
  • With these hooks, you'll need some ROPE!
  • Made in the USA
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